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Design, Conception & Integration for Mobile IT Solutions

We answering every day customers and partner's project...

ISIELOG is providing "home-made solution" to answer customer's request like "Integration, Installation on site", for Vehicule Mount Terminal, but also Hand Held Terminal on forklifts, Network Solution & RFID project.

ISIELOG is answering also specific project like Digital Solution for meeting rooms, with connected displays & touchpad also in warehouses for employee's information.

ISIELOG is localized closed to Aix-en-Provence, with brand new office offering nearly 350M² (=3700 sqft) for technical installation and storage. Isielog is now able to answer to all requests coming from customers.


Mobile IT Solutions

A very well trained & talented Team with significant experiences, to answer each customer's request, with a unique reactivity to ensure high-level quality of service.

These expertise and our professional processes are representing something very strong to realize each project with success and quality.

What's about our Technical Approach?

– Listen and Analyze
– Case Study during pre-sales
– Advise & Support for Tender or requirements specs.
– Project Management  : organisation, coordination, follow-up
– Deliveries on-time
– Training
– Post-Sales Support

ISIELOG is now a certified and well-known French Company, supported by customers and partners! 

« TRUST is continually being challenged and its won with time & work, closed to your partners & customers everyday!

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