ISIELOG, solutions d'informatique embarquée sur mesure Toujours être à vos côtés pour réaliser vos idées, et nous améliorer sans cesse pour vous proposer le meilleur service. Certains lisent le passé, d'autres tentent de prédire l'avenir. Ensemble, assurons le présent.

What's about ISIELOG?

After more than 15's years providing Integration, Installation & Cabling for mobile IT solutions, we decided to create ISIELOG in June 2017.

Sebastien Rameau is managing the company and providing day-by-day knowledges, acquired with major manufacturers (PSION, MOTOROLA, ZEBRA) since 2004.

ISIELOG is working through Channel Partner for Transport & Logistic, Industry, Ports & Retail markets, to ensure his growth and position in France. 

ISIELOG is also able to provide "home-made" solutions, to customers & partners, for tender and specific request.



ISIELOG use to provide Mobile IT Solutions, Trolley for reception & shipping, Racks for mobile devices, RFID Gate , but also many solutions to install outdoor devices on forklifts.

ISIELOG is able to realize Site Survey on site during pre-sales project, before providing sales quotation to customers and also able to provide Networks Cabling for offices, warehouses and stores, but also Digital Touchpad and Display for meeting rooms.

Our Team is focused with high level of reactivity and support for each customer. ISIELOG is taking care of each project to provide the best "customer-satisfaction" as possible.

This is the reason why ISIELOG has been created with certified and trained people to ensure the best level of quality on site.

ISIELOG is based in Aix-en-Provence, with 350M² Offices, to answer customer's needs (Storage & Installation). A technical Office is also available now in Paris.

After 2 years, ISIELOG is expecting now to accelerate his growth in France during next years. 

Don't hesitate to contact our Team by completing the following file (contact us) and we will call you back as quickly as possible!

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