New layouts and digitalization of spaces: two trends that shape the working environment for tomorrow!

The arrangements deployed in the working environments of tomorrow are following comparable trends, to meet the challenges of changing behaviors and working methods, but also to adapt to the culture, strategy and DNA of each company.

At first glance, we may imagine that the degree of workspace "digitalization" would depends mainly by the sector of activity where the company operates.

However, the conference of "EBG Real Estate Commission" on Oct. 23rd last year, made it possible to emphasize that all companies (whatever their core business), have the ambition to develop digital equipment within their new sites.

This approach aims in particular to facilitate interactions, not only between residents but also between the different sites of the company.

The development of digital is also expressed through the equipment available for employees who encourage mobility: computers, mobile phones, wifi connection accessible throughout the site, including in outdoor spaces.

In this way, each space (even common like restaurants) can be used as a workspace.

Finally, digital is playing an increasingly important role in the daily operation for the global estate.

Digitalization for Meeting Rooms


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