Automated fixed reading (SICK Readers Integrated)

SICK barcode readers improve logistics and facilitate automation. Readability guarantees workflow, even when barcodes are improperly printed or damaged.

The high scanning frequency ensures fast speeds processing. Easy connectivity and excellent user-friendly are appreciated assets. The compact connection saves space and costs. The range of SICK barcode readers can meet a wide variety of needs.

With this integration on all types of warehouse vehicle, Isielog highlights the identification of goods using barcodes on forklifts.

A SICK barcode reader "CLV69x" for example (one of the most used by customers to date), identifies the goods on the pallet.

The screen in the cart indicates to the driver information such as pallet number, type of goods and the number, so he can check the accuracy of the order to be carried out, according to the exact conditions of the application. .

Fixed Readers on Forklift

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