In case of a project to refurbish or renovate your premises, you will have to review the installation of your IT and Telephone infrastructure. A Well-organized network cabling and efficient Wi-Fi installation, could improve your team's performance. When a system is not adapted (to the volume of data for example), the network then would presents many slowdowns and can even break down.

Isielog teams will therefore manage an audit & site survey, which will suggest the type of network installation that will best suit your company's problems


Network Cabling

The choice of cable network is linked to three main criteria: the quality of the system, the level of performance and the type of cabling: copper or optical fiber. It is more or less complex, depending on the number of stations to be linked together.

Ethernet Network

The Ethernet network is a local network which allows several computers to be connected to each other or to Internet, to share the transmission and acquisition of information. To operate, computers must have an Ethernet port, also known as a network card.

Optical Fiber

The major advantage of fiber optics is that its offers unrivaled data transmission and internet connection speeds.

The flow is stable, there is no loss of signal and the network is highly reliable.


Wifi is a wireless communication protocol that requires the presence of an access point. Information are transmitted by radio waves. Computer stations must have a card to support this technology.

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